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Country Kind of Summer Time

Any weekend with a country concert, BBQ and a road trip is the recipe for a sweet summertime success. Friday night popped the weekend off with a firework work start. No second guessing a Florida Georgia Line /Jason Alden concert at National Stadium! It was so magical to see my college friends as we drank overpriced beers and belted our hearts out in unison with every other country music fan in the metro area.

One of the best parts of being fun-employed at a company of 300 girls? 278 of them are statistically determined to be country music fans thus making Friday at the office a good day to be a cowgirl.

My Work Friends with our Work Shoes

 Great style runs in our Washington College friendship as we telepathically told each other to wear the white dresses and boots. 

After drinking our dinner, we headed to the stadium. Florida Georgia Line and Jason Alden were not so patiently waiting for us...

The show was a-maz-ing. It was a much needed reunion with my country music craving people of Fred-Neck and Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Saturday morning ushered in the slightest headache from beer. (Perhaps I shouldn't have done so many beer can curls the night before) 

My headache and I ambled our way to Kenzie's backyard BBQ. She and her roommates moved into the cutest Arlington house equipped with a dishwasher, which satisfies my only personal requirements for a house

The boys played Beer Pong... 

... and we took selfies. 

Bounced from the beer pong table, Kenzie and I committed ourselves to Corn-hole, a game that required too much hang eye coordination for my taste.  Well honestly, any sport requiring coordination is not my taste. In my favorite sport of Shopping, the only coordination required is unzipping your wallet, at which I am excellent.

Sunday started with a Baltimore Road Trip and ended on the couch watching Bravo and eating ice cream with my rommie Megan.

I never want summer to end! 

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