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Twenty- Three?

Initially, I was slightly distraught about turning twenty- three. Not only am I now twenty four months from my quater- life crisis but how can I properly celebrate a birthday without a Taylor Swift theme song? 

 After self medicating with cupcakes and microwavable oatmeal, I headed to Rehoboth Beach to spend the weekend with my fam and friends. J and A (...Jim and Amy... more affectionately known as my adoring parents) hosted me and I repaid the favor by terrorizing their refrigerator. 

My favorite part of the house is this print my Godfather designed

Its official.... Summer (and my Summer Mom Style) has begun

Amy biked me to dinner. I am a extremely talented tandem rider, holding my feet at the precise angle that ensures they will not be in contact with the pedals. As a self proclaimed diva, I am allergic to even the most mild form of exercise.

Saturday morning ushered in the Annual Running of the Bull Tradition. As someone who is normally deterred by Dewey Beach's coed crowds of delinquents stamped with misspelled back tattoos, it took a bit of coaxing to get me to this year's event. As soon as she offered me an outfit, (well actually telling me that I was not allowed to wear my mother's sundress to a bar) my sister had me convinced I could not miss Dewey Beach's intoxication celebration.

Police Assistant was only required once when I accidentally zip tied my wrist and cut my circulation off. Happens to the best of us? At least my hair looked voluminous? 

So far twenty-three has gone so well...so hopefully.... I blow this year away!


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