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Christmas in August

The Keating Christmas Card is quite the coveted collectors item. Since our family's founding, our holiday cards have adorned the refrigerator doors of friends and family alike. Originally, my mother hand painted the family portrait but with the invention of the iPhone, A's artistic talent was no longer necessary. (Fine by me as these watercolor paintings never did much for my figure...)

We decided the 2015 card would be "Children Themed" and we were scheduled to wear matching Jack Rogers and Lilly Pulitzer. Of course I forgot my outfit .... and had to use a binder clip to hold up a a pair of Capri two sizes too big. I made sure to remain seated for the entire photo shoot performance. 

Wit, who whole-heartedly believes he is the newest Victor's Secret Angel, gave us some well practiced poses. Here are some outtakes: 

To compensate Katie for her inevitable Middle Child Syndrome (MCS), J and A always let her chose the picture. The final product constantly has a 33% approval rate among the siblings as Katie has a way of radiating a celebrity persona in these Christmas Card photos. I can only assume that our distant cousins consider Wit and me to be either Kaite's personal security detail or her adoring fans. 

You have to admit... Katie's skinny arm pose is much more convincing than Wit's. 


Here is a flashback to last year's Card. And Yes. Wit's eyes are closed. #siblingLove


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