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From Farmer's Market to Restaurant Week

Besides my birthday and Jesus's birthday, my third favorite birthday is J and A's combined birthday holiday. J is exactly twenty-four hours (and a couple of years) older than A, making their joint celebration an extravaganza, championed by all those who agree J and A are the best parents out there. And with 80% of our family's birthdays in the summer, the Keating family has birthday parties down to a science. 

First stop was the Farmer's Market. Normally I am allergic to all things vegetable, green, or even remotely healthy looking but, in the name of a good Instagram picture, Abbey and I decided the field trip was imperative. After Amy made a cash donation to our cause, we headed to the Lewes.

Abbey and I came home from the Farmer's Market cashless but flower full.

Sunburn Saturday commenced as the ladies oiled up. Jimmy and Timmy basked in their bromance, reminiscing about Loyola Blakefield and their shared comradery of being a Baltimore Boy. 

After the birthday dinner, Alison, Kenzie and I still had some party left so we made an appearance at Go Go Gadet's Dewey Beach show. We pushed our way to the stage claiming "the drummer is my brother" and proceeded to enjoy the show from the front row.

We did J and A's presents Sunday morning. The Keating children showered J and A with material demonstrations of our affections. A kept the birthday spirit alive in her PJ and party hat. What more could a Sunday morning need?

After continuing the sunburn Sunday, we headed back to the city.  Alison and I had a posh dinner at Graffiato's in honor of Restaurant Week. Alison, who is in the catering industry, wanted to taste the fall menu. I just wanted a four course meal. 

Prosecco, statement jewels, and Alison are the three things I would take to a desert island. 

 It was the perfect ending to yet another perfect summer weekend. Sometimes stress is easily solved with a sand exfoliation treatment and a sunburn.

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