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Summer Summary

Favorite Beach: Rehoboth

Reho represents family, free food and the weekendly crisis when our Labradors leisurely meander off the front porch in search of a garden cocktail party. The clapboard cottage on Henlopen Ave sports a Coopertone cologne and plays Bed and Breakfast to any friends needing a fresh fruit breakfast, sunburn, and an outdoor shower. Vogue and Vanity Fair are always within arms reach of the wicker couches and sandy L.L. Bean bags tote supplies for A's Beach Olympics. And with 80% of the Keating's birthdays in the summer, there is always an ice cream cake thawing on the counter.

W's 16th Birthday

J and K

A's efforts to keep us "healthy" with weekly Farmer's Market trips

Beach Happy Hour with J's portable Adirondack table

Favorite Brunch: Local 16.

If Sundays are the Lord's Day and the Lord invented Bottomless Mimosa Brunch, then Local 16 is my church. Our Summer Sunday Brunch adventures included but are not limited to the following: accompanying my best friend on her literally blind Tinder date, crashing a Howard University Alumni Reunion, having a table of boys send us their numbers on a plate of bacon, and convincing the bar tender he should let Alison and me adopt his child.  Summer or not, Local 16 has a special place in my heart and an aggressive populace on my bank statement. Thank heavens! 

Favorite Summer Sporting Activity: DC Kickball 

My first summer in DC I knew I wanted to take advantage of everything except the humidity. But with the right hairspray, anything is possible.  I braved Nature and ventured to the National Mall. (Which, in my childhood, I was distraught when I learned that instead of being a shopping complex, the National Mall is the Nation's monument garden.)  

My good friend from college captained a team and invited me to play DC Kickball. Since every team needs a worst player, I signed up. Our team, (whose name You Can't Kick With Us was inspired by the MeanGirls movie), was the highlight of my Wednesday nights. The only disappointment was Obama never leaned out his office window to show his approval of our mid-week athletic attempts. Regardless of the game's outcome or injuries, we never went unchallenged on the Flip Cup tables at the after party. 

The unisex t-shirt begs to differ with black's slimming silhouette

A little hard to tell but I am wearing a pink monogrammed exercise performance shirt. If I am going to be the worst player, I might as well be the best dressed  

Favorite Summer Outfit: Walmart's Hamster Shirt

Despite your opinion of Walmart as a corporation, their clothing selection is one of the best things to happen to America.  The expression "one man's trash is another man's treasure" translated literally for me this summer as my favorite fashion find was found on Walmart's clearance rack. It turns out, I didn't have a favorite shirt until I had a hamster on my shirt.  This serious selfie was taken at 4am in a Walmart dressing room. You must admit, nothing looks bad over a Lilly Pulitzer maxi. 

Favorite Summer Concert: Firefly Music Festival

Live Music is my jam. Why? Because EVERY one dances, usually not well but still worse than me. This summer I soaked in Capital Cities, Lana Del Ray, my boi 2Chainz, Foster the People but my favorite by far involved a trip to the Delaware Motor Raceway. Though I  do not find myself at a speedway often, this time was def worth the exception. After one speeding ticket, two lost concert passes, and a three mile walk, we took Firefly Music Festival by storm. With a music blogger in our presence, we knew our experience would be epic.  Jackson of Jackselicity ensured our 'ear drums were tickled'.  The night ended how every great night should end... with A finding us a 24-hour McDonald's and buying the establishment out of McNuggets.

Katie took a selfie as Gold Room gave us an encore

Favorite Summer Boyfriend: Gap Boyfriend Jeans

The only one who didn't my judge my weekend weight gain. #TrueLove

 Summer set a high bar for Fall so bring on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes! 


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