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Pig Roast Regatta

With invitations as legendary as the parties, I was excited to join Eli and his fam for a weekend on the water. The Pig Roast Regatta invitation arrived in Pig Latin... which I only deduced after blaming a severe typo, holding the invitation up to a mirror, and futilely attempting to read it through an upside water glass. As I am never one to miss an opportunity to eat bacon, I made a mental note to packed my elastic waist pants. 

No one was more excited about heading to Cape Cod for the weekend than Pignomey. (Pictured Below) I fell in love with this wooden carving of a garden gnome/pig pair at the beginning of the summer and begged Eli's mother to let me borrow him, promising that Pignomey would be returned in time for his role as Pig Roast decor. 

Four months ago, Pignomey made his debut into corporate America as our team's mascot. Though some colleagues might (did) say he was more an eye sore than an asset, Pignomey was quite the ham- living up his celebrity status. His photogenic antics will be missed dearly. 

With our boarding passed printed and Pignomey safely secured, we headed North for Columbus Day Weekend. It was raining Saturday so Eli filled his yearly quota of accompanying his leading lady to a love movie. As my luck and Eli's perpetual lateness would have it, my love movie was sold out. Eli celebrated a personal victory and instead we joined the entire Massachusetts Chapter of AARP for a mid-day matinee of The Judge .

I woke up Sunday morning and immediately begun counting down the hours until the Donut Cake dessert would be served. Since I had about seven hours to go, I headed to the dock and into the wet nose of a new friend.  Bowie was the best looking (natural) blonde there. 

Once on the water, Eli was thrilled when I discovered the full potential of my whistle 



My favorite part of any gathering? The food. Besides the sailing, the meat of the Pig Roast Regatta was an actual pig roast. I did not participate in photographic evidence of the event because I am much more comfortable not knowing where my bacon comes from. We feasted on a pot luck dinner that included every type of mac and cheese imaginable. Upon recovering from our food comas, we ended the weekend with mudslide milkshake at Baxter's.

My Southwest Boeing got going and I headed back to the District. One of my best friends flew in from New Orleans and we celebrated with a porch picnic and a dash of dessert. After four years apart, we dedicated the evening to talking about ourselves and dwelling on all things high school.  

The next morning, Mel headed into Georgetown and I headed back into the work week! 


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