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Weekend Trip to Raleigh

Lizzie, Kenzie and I have been friends since we were five. Sometimes, I get paranoid that J and A have them both on a monthly friendship stipend and the girls tolerate me solely for a fiscal reward. Since lack of evidence has left this theory unfounded, I will continue to blissfully believe that Lizzie and Kenzie are genuinely two of my oldest and best friends. Lizzie moved to Raleigh after graduation and after visiting, I too was captivated the sunshine and southern smiles smiling as they drawl out 'yall'.

Kenzie and I began our Raleigh weekend with an early flight out of the city. After nominating Kenzie to stand in the half mile Starbucks line, I delegated myself to the more manageable job of watching our luggage. Twenty-five minutes later, Kenzie returned with my hot milk served in a Starbucks coffee cup. (I don't drink actual coffee because I heard it stunts your growth and I desperately want to be 5'7" but since I always want to look cool .........I maintain a guise of 'coffee drinker chic' by ordering over priced milk in a Starbucks cup.)

Coming off the plane in Raleigh, I  peeled my tired eyes open and was comforted by one of my favorite sites. The familiar red glow of Five Guys beckoned to me. In the airport. Open and serving at 9 am. Best. Day. Ever. Within moments, my bags were dropped and I had ordered a 'double patty with the works,'  My first ten minutes in North Carolina were spent making a new friend and ingesting my daily dose of fast food hamburgers. It was clear to me why Lizzie loves this state. 


Lizzie picked us up from the airport and we headed into downtown Raleigh. It did not take long for me to convince myself I needed to move to Raleigh. What else do you need in a city if it has Five Guys open at 9 am, cowboy boots, $1 beers and fresh farmers markets?

It was such a beautiful day so we set out exploring. What better way to see a city than on a Segway?(Especially if the alternative is walking... #LazyGirl'sGuidetoRaleigh).  Unfortunately, I was not thinking practically when I picked out my outfit and had to temporarily sacrifice fashion for practically. I ditched my suede booties and opted for a barefoot Segway tour.  Luckily for those around me, my pedicure was in daylight approved condition. 

Before and after helmet hair. We got a great photo op after touring the world of Raleigh.... Not quite sure why my left foot looks amputated below the ankle.... 

After an exhausting day of being zipped around by technology, we were ready to refuel. We headed for a local oyster bar. I felt adventurous. I had one. Lizzie and Kenzie split seventeen. 

After a late lunch, we left Raleigh and headed to Wilmington. With Lizzie driving, Kenzie let me sit in the front seat which was a mile stone for our friendship. ( I have been restricted to the back seat since we learned to drive). Do I consider front-seat-sitting an undeniable highlight of my trip? Yes. I do.  The girls were both adamant that me-in-the-front-seat was a once in the blue moon kind of thing...  I spent the entire two hour drive falling even more in love with North Carolina. We arrived at the beach to a palm tree shadowed sunset and a drink waiting on the counter.


After a Sunday morning sunrise, we headed to brunch at a local greasy spoon because, lets be honest, Sundays are best ushered in by brunching. 

We quickly returned to the waiting ocean. What better way to burn off breakfast than a amateur round of competitive body surfing?  We raced down the dock and plunged into the 76 degree ocean. 76 degree ocean at the end of October? Have I mentioned I love North Carolina? We soaked in the rest of the Sunday on the sun porch.


Saying goodbye was the worst part of the weekend. I am counting down the days until our reunification at Thanksgiving. (#ILoveNC)


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