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Thanks. And Giving.

 What I love about Thanksgiving...
 1. EVERYone is having a Fat Day
2. As a JV Olympian eater, I am well prepared for the holiday's portion sizing 
3. There are no Catholic Church Services required/recommended

I headed home and was immediately faced with Wednesday evening's outfit debacle. As it was the biggest bar night of the year; I needed an outfit that said, "I am doing really great!" .... "But I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard?"..... "But I can't really afford a new outfit" ..... "Oh ...you think I look nice? Why THANK you!!!I just threw this together.... ( when in reality I've been trying on outfits for almost 2 hours)".....

The goal was to find an outfit that said all of those things.... AT THE SAME TIME. Unfortunately, I was ultimately unable to withstand the pressure of the perfect outfit and ended up re-wearing a band tee/leather pants combo from Tuesday night's StLucia concert.  

Gangs all here! 

I awoke Thanksgiving Thursday snuggled between my two best friends. 33% of us were brave enough to run a 5K, while 67% of us hid from the sunshine and begged for an IV, cold Gatorade and hot McDonald's. 

Lizzie and I welcomed our athlete home and begun to brunch accordingly. 

After eating my way through Thursday, (enough eating to need Lamaz breathing class), I changed into a less judgmental outfit and fell asleep. Thanksgiving in the Keating household extends past the confines of the dinning room and we started the weekend with our annual Friday Night Turkey Bowl. 

As luck-of-the-womb would have it, I was mistakenly born into a family of athletes. You would think my lack of coordination is only applicable in the contact sports arena but bowling proved to be a continuation in my allergic-to-sports track record.  After 10 bowls, I made contact with a total of 2 pins. Needless to say, I did not qualify for the Keating Family Championship Medal Round. 

My score

At W's request, we headed to the mountains for a snowy Saturday hike. W and I made sure we were dressed for the occasion. Running shoes and jeans. My new go-to.

Returning from our mid-morning mountain excursion, we headed to a celebrated a Friendsgivings and I stole one more night on the Frederick town. 

Sunday I returned to my favorite DC comfort... my cat footie pajamas.... and reflected upon everything I am thankful for. Like microwavable oatmeal, Justin Bieber and micro-liposuction. 


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