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New Year... "Improved" Me?

For the past six years, my New Year's Res has been "Stop Talking about Myself So Much." Obviously, (if this blog is any indication), that resolution has failed for a consecutive SIX years... BUT, 2015 has teed itself up perfectly. Though I may hate my waistline, I love my friends, my job and my city. If all goes according to my recently installed life plan, the year will be filled with double daily Instagram posts and a gym membership that lasts longer than 45 minutes. 

Here are my 2015 Goals:
1. Stop talking about myself so much
2. Become less obsessed with Justin Bieber
3. Tell Justin Bieber how I really feel about his new hair color
4. Run a mile. The goal is to complete the Rehoboth Beach 4th of July Fun Run. Technically this race is encouraged for children aged 12 years and under but I heard that every participate gets a medal which means I am DEF running this. #particpationrulesSarahBKitten'snation
5. Meet a man who golfs (Extra points for myself if this man isn't my father's friend and doesn't have an AARP card in his wallet)
6. Learn to cook non-microwavable meals. I am thinking non burnedToaster Waffles are a solid 2015 goal.
7. Stop considering McDonald's french fries to be my daily vegetable   
8. Stop cutting my own bangs. 
9. Selfie less. (This goal is ONLY pertinent because it is good to have a reach goal)

Ready...Set....and I'm Going for It!!

P.S. I know who needs to work on their facial expressions in 2015.


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