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The World (Montana) According to Liza

Have you ever heard the term Manifest Destiny? The answer should be yes and if the answer is no, you should have paid more attention in history class. To sum it up: Americans moved west to explore the land. 

Well that's Americas story in one sentence. Here's mine with nothing more fitting than a hashtag: #lizadoesmontana

I traded in my colorful Lilly Pulitzer shifts for earthy Patagonia outdoor apparel, my Longchamp catch all bag for a Northface backpack, and my broken in Jack Rogers for those strappy shoes called Tevas. Yes, I cried for days. The struggle was real people. If anyone know anything about me I've been wearing Lilly Pulitzer head to toe since birth. I even had a cat named Lilly and my dad euthanized it but that's a different story. 

6 months later I'm smiling ear to ear because I live in what I consider the best place ever: Bozeman, MT. 

So yeah. I wear boot cut jeans now and I'm learning to fly fish. It's pretty comical for anyone who knows me. After succumbing to Sarah's perpetual badgering, I'll be posting every now and then about my thoughts on the west, east, south and North West. Don't get it twisted- I'm talking about North West because we do have cable out here for all you idiots who say we don't. 


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  1. bahahah Liza I would totally enjoy reading about Montana according to you! I've been fly fishing once. It was pretty cool, but Jan does it any chance he can get! In my opinion Lilly Pulitzer is missing the gravy train on incorporating some rainbow trout.