a blog launched to laugh at my own expense

One Weekend. One Accessory.

I make questionable decisions daily. Like when I hair-sprayed my hair inside of a crowded, moving Metro car or when I accidentally used a glue-stick as chap-stick or when I decided to let my dog walk herself in a public park.... (Don't worry- I eventually found her). 

But my latest, least questionable decision? Purchasing a camouflage print, cross body bag. I ask you... Is there a better way to spend Neiman's store credits than on a camo purse? No! Definitely not! In case I stuttered, the answer to that rhetorical question is a hard "No!"

 Granted not everyone is as obsessed with my new bag BFF as I am but in my constant pursuit of life, liberty, Tinder boyfriends, wedge sneakers and happiness, this bag is my train ticket to trendiness. I just wish more people could see it. 


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