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Why Montana is Good for My Hair

Hair. We all have it (hopefully) but do we all know how to treat it? Dive into my tangled history to understand my split ends. ... And find out why Montana is good for my hair. 

Liza's Hair Timeline:
Early Childhood: No hair. Literally. My parents put a embellished headband around my head 24/7 so people would stop saying they had an adorable baby boy. 
Elementary School: Mixed feeling about it. It was there, I just don't feel comfortable talking about how I had a bowl cut. Thanks, Ma. 
Middle School: The natural blonde color I once had turned into "dish water" blonde and I refused to brush my hair. Hence chunks of hair that had to be cut from the back of my head. Rebel. 
High School: Full highlights monthly, duh. Oh and I  met a flat iron named Chi and my hair died. What a biddy. 
College: Dead hair. 
Post College: Dead(er) hair. 
Montana: Rebirth.

And here are the reasons why my hair is better than ever:

1. Adios humidity. No such thing here in the Wild West. I don't miss the days of spending two hours fixing my hair just to walk outside and it look like I put my finger in an electrical outlet. 

2. RIP hair straightener. Haven't used that S#@% for 6 months. We had a solid relationship for ten years until we split ends. Literally split ends. I spent more time with my hair straightener than my family (*sigh*) 

3. Toodles highlights. Attempting to go all natural- which really means I haven't had my standard 6 week highlights since Santa crawled down the chimney. 

Why is Montana good for my hair? Do you even care at this point? 


P.S. Don't remember meeting me? Click here and I'll re-introduce myself. 

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