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2016. New Year. Same Me.

2016 is a great time to start planning 2017’s resolutions. I like to give myself at least a year to prepare for any sort of drastic or dramatic life change. After all,  it took me three years to switch my laundry detergent brands. SO, since I have the whole year to prepare for these potential personal improvements, I decided to start brainstorming. As of 2016, this is what I am considering improving about myself in 2017:

- Shave my legs at least once a summer #startingsmall

- Write off gel manicures as a medically mandated weekly procedure

- Work on  working out buying more workout clothes

- Convince my hair and roots to grow naturally blonde  

- Unlimited iPhone storage. Do you know what it is like to have to delete all of your iPhone apps just so you can take your 3,459th selfie? It's hard. My struggle is VERY real. I have to access Instagram and Facebook from my iPhone Safari. I don’t think I’ve deleted a photo since 2001.

-Buy more fanny packs

- Marry Justin Beiber. I would be willing to settle for him writing a song about me. I know his mother will like me.

- Be a less ugly  pretty crier

You know what they say… why do today what you could consider doing next year.


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