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13 Times I *Almost* Adulted

 1. Tried to master time management….but the repercussions of using two blow dryers at once managed to waste more time than it saved.

2. Didn’t throw a temper tantrum when Panera Bread tried to give me a Diet Pepsi instead of a Diet Coke....but I did mandate a refund and considered informing management that serving Pepsi products is a mild form of treason.

3. Tried to eat healthy… but not sure Diet Coke is “healthy” when it is washing down two McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

4. Didn’t shop Nordstrom’s half yearly sale.... But only because I accidently left my wallet at home.

5. Became a Costco member...but only because it was free through J & A ‘s account.

6. Took the stairs to the second floor of my building…. but only because the elevator was being serviced.

7. Held a baby....but I am still convinced I don’t need my own.

8. Stopped trolling my brother’s teenage friends to follow me on Instagram....but made them LinkedIn connect with me instead. #adulthood.

9. Tried to “Sunday meal prep” …. but ate all the food before Monday morning.

10. Shared my pint of ice cream with my sister….but only because I am trying a new diet plan called “sharing”.

11. Got an insurance card…. but still have no idea how to use it.

12. I took my family  out to dinner.... but charged  the meal to my father’s credit card.

13. Started taking an interest in DC sports.... but just because I attended a game, didn’t mean I was attentive during the game.


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